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Research and the dissemination of new ways of construct play are the means by which we can all advocate for outdoor play4all children. Regardless of a child's social economic background, gender, or physical abilities.

I am TEDx speaker and play advocate who has spoken at Universities and conferences across the globe on how we can curate play spaces by deconstructing the playground and our play aesthetics. Through focusing on local connections and materials, inclusive spaces, and child-led design. These themes run through all my lecturing and critique work, where I specialise in fields of play and co-design.


My current PHD research explores children’s access and engagement with outdoor play in Kitengela, a host community in Kenya through the process of co-design. In conditions of refugee displacement, children often lack access to safe play areas. However outdoor play is crucial for childhood development, and the mitigation of some of the negative effects of displacement. This collaborative research provides a unique opportunity to produce an innovative, transferable co-design methodology in collaboration with local stakeholders. Research that generates contextual outdoor play design solutions developed with child users and seeks to decolonise the design of outdoor play.

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Partnering with businesses and not for profit organisations to conduct research to address the challenges to preventing play4all. Co-designing accessible  solutions that consider the

social, environmental and economic needs of the communities we work with.

Partnering to Democratise Play4all 

The  co-design process does not necessarily produce an egalitarian construct and does not guarantee that equal partnerships will be between the service users and the staff supporting them (Farr, 2018)

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