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Democratising Play provision to enable Play4all

Playgrounds are stagnant. Playgrounds are in decline. Playgrounds are not for all!

These three statements conclude why this website has been curated, why Dream Networks exists and why I decided to embark on a PHD to truly start to understand how we can revolutionaries play provision so that all children can access play outdoors.

All children, regardless of the gender, age, social economic background or abilities. The solution is not rocket science, its hidden within the communal practises that have withstood the test of time. We need to collaborate to address the factors preventing play and enable play through democratising the design and provision of outdoor play areas.

It's not enough for adults to crouch down and try to design for the needs of children's play, we can no longer rely on governments to prioritise play provision within the contested spaces in our public realm. We have to involve the children in the design process, collectively advocate for their space to play and financially invest in creating play areas where children can thrive though play.

So there you have it, our origins and our future dreams for play4all. We hope you to inspire you to advocate for play and join our co-design movement.

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