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Animating Play4all

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

While collecting data on how and why children play outdoors in Kitengela in February. I had to work away from site one Friday. As I sat in my appartment in Nairobi, I started to consider how we are communicating our research. I asked myself; why are we communicating it? why is it relevant to share with people in Kitengela? and what we hope to gain from our research? Sure documents and websites are a proven route to communicate research activities, but who takes time out to read though these mediums?

As the question 'How could we communicate more inclusively?' swirled around in my mind, a bold word popped into its space, animations! a fun, easy and hopefully emotive way to communicate what we are doing that can be easily transferred through one of our most useful communication tools, Whatsapp!

Please take out 2 minutes to watch the video, and let us know what you think.

It was great to get feedback from participants too, more than one teacher stated they found it very useful because it helped them to understand how outdoor play is useful to childrens development. Result!

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