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Play can be everywhere and for everyone

Updated: Mar 7

This is a simple statement that seems so hard to realise in our increasingly urban environments, where space for play is contested and frequently unplanned.

As play designers and advocates, we campaign for a child's rights to the city and to play through play spaces, but we often feel like we lack the policy and design tools to activate play.

So today I thought I would share one of the simple guides, I have found to inspire me as a playful engineer and designer to relook at residential play spaces, streets, and other parts of the public realm through a playful and practical lens when bidding for projects.

Check it out in the link below

It is rather tailored to American / European urban landscapes. It could also fo more to account for a diversity of cognitive and physical abilities which effects how children experience the environment around them and play.

Like most design guides requires a critical eye and consideration of context. However, it's a good starting point for considering how streets can be transformed by communities through a more top-down approaches led by local councils or municipalities.

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